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Tierkommunikation Tanja Hess

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Madams and Sirs,

Mass killing is simply not the answer and is totally unacceptable in the civilized world of today.

MASS NEUTERING is the only LONG TERM solution for the decrease of the stray dogs phenomenon, as it aims to the source of the problem.

Law 258/2013 regarding the mass euthanasia of the dogs is against the provisions of the European Convention ratified by Romania, it clearly contradicts the European norms regarding animal protection, it is contrary to all the conclusions of the studies performed by specialized institutions as the World Health Organization (WHO) that concluded that dog slaughter has no result on the dog population in the street, it is contrary to all conclusions and results deriving from the mass euthanasia and killings in Romania, it is contrary to all results obtained in Oradea, Lugoj, Cernavoda and in other countries where =93catch, neuter and return=94 lead to the almost complete eradication of the strays situation.

The law regarding the mass euthanasia destroys morality, human dignity, it gravely affects the physical and psychological welfare of the society and it denies the constitutional right to physical and psychological integrity.

We ask the President, the Government, the Sanitary Veterinary National Authority, the City Halls to show morality, wisdom and common sense and to prevent the implementation of a monstrous law, not dignified for the present century and which will not lead to the resolving of the problem.

We ask the European Commission, European Parliament to have a decisive and strong position and to make use of any legislative possibilities in order to stop the massacre of the dogs in Romania.

In case the authorities in Romania persist in abusing their power like the Constitutional Court has done by adopting a decision contrary to its previous decision, persist in pursuing reprehensible decisions, persist in demonstrating brutal and immoral behavior, continue to apply aggressive and corrupt actions, all part of a program for implementing a horrible massacre and which is in contradiction with the civilization degree which Europe has reached, WE REQUEST THAT ROMANIA IS EXCLUDED FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION!

Name, country


Leider funktionieren die angegebenen Parlamentmailadressen nicht. Falls nur ich zu blond bin, bitte sagt mir, wie!!




„Ginger“ und „Smokey“


sind in einem schönen Zuhause gut angekommen!! 



Tierkommunikation Tanja Hess

Linda ist in ihrem guten Zuhause angekommen und fühlt sich dort schon seit einiger Zeit wohl :)


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  1. Adelheid Brück says:

    Hallo Tanja,
    wenn ich diesen Bericht lese, und mich an die ARTE-Sendung “Akte Alu” vergangene Woche erinnere, sehe ich einen Zusammenhnag zwischen den vielen Krebs-Tumoren bei Tieren (und Menschen) und der Futterverpackung Alu. Diese Substanz ist ein Nervengift, doch die Lobby ist enorm.

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